It’ll Be Grand

  It’ll be grand [ɪtl biː grænd]: an Irish expression meaning that, although everything may be a mess at the moment, everything will work out in the end. It’s hard to believe that I’ve almost been on the Island of Ireland for a month and two weeks… I’m almost at the half way mark of my field … Continue reading It’ll Be Grand

Happy to Be Here

Hallo allemaal (Hello everyone) I realize that this post is long over due. The last couple months have flown by, but now it’s time to reflect on my stay here in the Netherlands. Since this post is going to be quite long, I’m adding subtitles to make it easier to follow. My Research Proposal I … Continue reading Happy to Be Here

Dutch at Heart

Once upon a time, I thought the Netherlands was boring. In grade 7, my history teacher asked our class to prepare a presentation about our family tree and explain a little bit about our family’s cultural origins. I knew exactly what to say for the Boucher side because I had grown up steeped in French-Canadian … Continue reading Dutch at Heart

The Magic of Flying

There’s a certain magic that one experiences when flying. I feel that magic when I look down at the lights of cities and towns in the dark night sky, almost as if we and the stars switched places. I see that magic when I look down at the fluffy white blanket made of clouds.  They … Continue reading The Magic of Flying